Look after you feet and they will look after you!


Some tips for healthy feet:

1. Always dry between your toes

2. Cut toenails straight accross

3. Remove hard skin regularly

4. Take nail varnish off when not needed

5. Change socks daily

6. Shop for shoes in the afternoon (feet swell as the day goes on)

7. Keep feet clean and moisturise the sole (moisturiser trapped between toes can breed fungus)

8. Visit a podiatrist if in any doubt - especially if you are diabetic


Some testimonials from some happy clients:

Since my 4 Reflexology treatments I can, hand on heart say that I have not had a migraine. During that timespan I have had nights where I have been up all night with my baby and then had a very energetic pre-schooler to deal with the next day and still not had a migraine. I believe that this is not only the reflexology but the advice on drinking water and also the exercises I was given to do between sessions. I also believe without doubt, that an hours relaxation out of my hectic schedule has done me the world of good. Andrea, Mum of 2 under 5s


I had a reflexology treatment for constipation and stress, sorry to be so blunt but it worked, I dont know how but as soon as Chilli left I had a clear out and felt really good for days. My stress levels seemed to go down too!  No name from Henley


Having never had Reflexology, I didn't really know what to expect. It was great and very relaxing. I couldn't believe what Chilli 'Found'! Afterwards I felt wonderful, like I was floating, although I was a little tired but that made me relax after Chilli had left. It was great that she came to me as I snuggled into a blanket and read my book as soon as she had shut the door. Wendy, outskirts of Henley.



Placebo & its effect:

Latin for "I will please" The Placebo Effect highlights the importance of the power of the brain and its role in personal health. Simply put, if the brain expects or percieves that a drug or therapy is working then it can trick the body into believing it too. There are many studies being carried out which can be found on the internet including articles in the British Medical Journal and Harvard Magazine trying to establish how and why Placebo works, but sometimes, as with many things that cannot be scientifically proven, we just have to believe and accept that it has and does work for many people.